Center for Community Health and Evaluation

Our mission is to improve the health of communities with collaborative approaches to planning, assessment, and evaluation

Our team

We're known for our customized evaluations

Our team’s background spans a number of fields, including public health, economics, urban planning, and health administration.

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Our services

We help you find out what works to make communities healthier

We partner with our clients to help assess the impact of community investments and figure out what works to improve health.

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Expertise and experience

We understand the real-world issues of communities

With broad expertise in evaluation methods and experience in a wide range of health issues, CCHE combines rigor with practicality.

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What we're learning

Overcoming parental vaccine hesitancy

CCHE recently concluded a three-year evaluation of an intervention to address parental concerns about the vaccine safety. The evaluation found that the program successfully accomplished key outcomes. 

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What's new at CCHE?

We're crossing the country to measure collective impact

Several members of the CCHE team have been flying high volumes this year to  learn how people and organizations are tackling problems that require a collective approach.

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