Group Health care delivery system

As of July 2009, the Group Health system, including KPS Health Plans, enrolled 612,452 members, or 1 in 10 Washington residents. Group Health and its subsidiary health carriers, Group Health Options, Inc. and KPS Health Plans, serve members in 20 counties in Washington state and 2 counties in North Idaho.

Group Health provides comprehensive primary, specialty, hospital, and home health care on a pre-paid (capitation) basis. Members choose a primary care medical center and a personal physician within that medical center.

Group Health facilities include 26 primary care medical centers, 6 specialty units, and 1 hospital. Group Health has affiliations with 41 major institutions that provide care when members need selected services unavailable at Group Health or in locations where Group Health has no facilities. All affiliated institutions meet Group Health standards and follow its protocols. Group Health also contracts with 8,970 independent doctors and group practices.

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