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Our capabilities

Group Health Research Institute (GHRI) supports its research programs with a solid infrastructure of highly skilled teams and resources, including:

Information technology (IT)

Each encounter between a Group Health member and the care-delivery system creates data. These data are organized into SAS data sets for research purposes. The GHRI IT Unit manages and analyzes these data. GHRI programmers are also working with other health care organizations to safely and effectively share data for powerful multi-site studies. Read about GHRI's technology group—how it provides programming and analysis, designs tracking databases, and maintains automated chart review systems, data warehouses, Web sites, and more.

Survey Research Program

GHRI's Survey Research Program specializes in custom research consultation, design, and data collection. Learn about the program's expertise in recruitment and surveys via phone, mail, Web; conducting focus groups, qualitative interviews;and more.

Research clinic

GHRI's recently expanded, state-of-the-art research clinic in downtown Seattle features staff and equipment capable of supporting a broad range of clinical trials. See detailed information about its amenities, staff, and studies.

Medical records

GHRI has access to decades of high-quality, computerized data from the Group Health care-delivery system. Learn how the Institute's medical records program can provide information on this large, stable population's health care experience.

In addition to the capabilities above, GHRI provides the following tools to the research community.

PRISM readability toolkit

GHRI's Program for Readability In Science & Medicine (PRISM) toolkit helps researchers develop easy-to-read participant materials, such as recruitment letters and consent forms. Based on principles of plain language, the toolkit illustrates a participant-centered approach to research materials: using clear, meaningful language while avoiding unnecessary information and complex words.