Information technology 

Research at Group Health Research Institute (GHRI) requires innovation and talented information technology (IT) staff. GHRI research teams often collaborate with multiple sites—challenging our IT staff to learn and work with systems outside of the Institute.

Our diverse computing environment allows our IT staff to work with many of the latest technologies.

Our desktop platform is Microsoft Windows 7, connected to the Group Health-wide area network through Windows file and print servers. Application and database servers use Windows 2003 and 2008 and support the department intranet, SQL Server database servers, and the GHRI Data Warehouse, which uses SAS Institute’s analytical software. Along with desktop computers, many research projects use laptops, tablet PCs, and Windows CE devices.

GHRI employs its own LAN and PC Support staff, who ensure that our network systems, application servers, and more than 300 PCs run smoothly. They also consult on technology purchases, set up new hardware and software, and provide one-on-one orientations to GHRI’s computing environment.

The Institute’s Seattle location affords IT staff many opportunities for external IT training and seminars through Microsoft and other local organizations. All Institute IT staff also have access to Group Health’s extensive IT library.