Our team

David Grossman, MD, MPH

Paula Lozano, MD, MPH
Assistant Director

Working in close partnership with Group Health Research Institute (GHRI), Group Health medical staff, Group Health's Quality and Informatics Division, and the MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation, Group Health's Department of Preventive Care (DPC) plays a significant role in helping Group Health become a recognized national leader in clinical preventive care. 

The partnership of academic investigators with emerging leaders from the medical group on the prevention teams places DPC in an important bridge role between Group Health's care-delivery system, quality/informatics, and GHRI. DPC members also conduct independent research within GHRI not directly related to the operational needs of DPC.

GHRI investigators who participate in the DPC population prevention team include: Diana S.M. Buist, PhD; Beverly Green, MD, MPH; Jennifer McClure, PhD; David Arterburn, MD, MPH; Lisa Jackson, MD, MPH; Robert J. Reid, MD, PhD; and Elizabeth Lin, MD, MPH.

Additional Group Health Permanente members who hold partial appointments with DPC include John Dunn, MD, Janet Chestnut, MD, and Travis Abbott, MD.