Our commitment

U.S. health care costs are growing at an uncontrolled pace, posing a grave danger to the nation’s economy. Meanwhile, for too many Americans, quality of chronic-illness care is substandard and difficult to access—leading to unacceptable health outcomes. The nation has reached a crisis.

What can be done? The MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation (http://maccollcenter.org) seeks to answer this question through our commitment to transforming chronic-illness care. We aim to help health systems scale up to meet all peoples’ needs for quality chronic illness care, at the same time systems scale back on cost.

To make this happen, the MacColl Center is helping health systems nationwide to change in innovative ways. Our focus is mostly in ambulatory (outpatient) settings—usually in primary care—because investment here can prevent avoidable suffering and more expensive treatment later on.

Our evidence-based innovations are changing the delivery of clinical care, while our real-world clinical experiences are shaping our research. We disseminate our work in the pubic domain, where it can be shared to improve health care for all.

We work with health care, policy, and philanthropic leaders locally, nationally, and around the world who believe as we do: Providing chronic illness care that’s high quality, reliable, and affordable is the right thing to do for every patient. It’s the right way to provide for millions of people who need care. We all have an ethical imperative to act, and the time to act is now.