January 2015

Choose_Wisely_Times_Article_1col.jpgOur top 10: Group Health studies that made the most news in 2014

Here’s our list of top-ten research stories of 2014—plus links to the news reports they inspired.

couple-smiling-shopping-cart-fruit_1col.jpgScience doesn't have to be sexy to save lives

Prevention can save more lives from cancer than treatment does. Dr. Jennifer McClure tells how you can support such research and help stop deadly disease—before it starts.

GHRI_bariatric_surgery_lifestyle_men_1col.jpgSurgery for obesity is linked to longer survival

In JAMA, a Group Health / Veterans Affairs study focuses mostly on men with more diseases than in prior studies.


diverse-women-white-bg_1-col.jpgBreast cancer screening: What works best for dense breasts? 

BCSC-CISNET research is starting to find answers. Supplemental ultrasound screening seems to provide little benefit, but tomosynthesis shows promise.

young-girl-thermometer-flu-cold_1-col.jpgWhy the mismatch in the 2015 flu vaccine and virus?

Dr. Mike Jackson explains why flu season is predictably unpredictable—and why vaccination is still the best way to prevent flu-related illness and death.

Johnson-infographic_1-col.jpgHow to create and sustain clinical-research partnerships

Pragmatic clinical trials demand effective collaboration. Drawing from the NIH Collaboratory, a paper in The BMJ shines light on how it's done.

KimWickland_1col.jpgGHRI names 10 new Group Health clinical associates 

The appointment recognizes clinical and administrative colleagues across Group Health who provide invaluable support for the organization’s research.






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