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Feature | APR 2014

‘Glad you’re listening’: SIMBA study brings patients’ voices to the fore

For women who’ve had breast cancer, which is the better choice for ongoing cancer screening: mammography, or mammography plus magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)? For answers, the SIMBA study will tap large, national data systems—but not until learning from the first-hand experiences of breast cancer survivors. »

SIMBA Advisory Board members

Members of the SIMBA Advisory Board, with study leader Karen Wernli, PhD (back, third from left) and project manager Susan Brandzel, MPH (back, second from right).

Rajiv SethiSpreading the news

Two spine surgeons are three times safer than one

Surgery for spine deformities had to become safer—and that’s what Rajiv K. Sethi, MD, did with Group Health and Virginia Mason colleagues. »

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Highlights from Group Health science

How we lowered patients’ radiation exposure from CT scans

After Group Health radiation technologists got personalized feedback on CT exams and education about dose-reduction strategies, their patients were exposed to less radiation. »

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