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Feature | July 2014

Nurse midwives test innovative care model: combining individual care with group support

Group Health’s “Centering Pregnancy” pilot program blends prenatal care and education. Sponsored by a Partnership for Innovation grant, nurse midwives are testing the new model at two Group Health medical centers. »

New moms and dads at the Centering Pregnancy group in Bellevue

New dads and moms have lots to share at the Centering Pregnancy group in Bellevue. Nurse Midwife Karen McConnell, CNM, facilitates. Photo by Dan Lamont.

Paula Lozano, MD, MPHSpreading the news

Families like practical wellness program—and lose weight

Paula Lozano, MD, MPH, found it was feasible and acceptable to give behavioral treatment to groups of families with obese children in primary care. »

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Highlights from Group Health science

How best to use e-mail with patients? Advice from ‘super-users’

Matt Handley, MD, interviewed 27 “super-user” doctors at Kaiser Permanente and Group Health who value e-health and use it heavily. Read their recommendations. »

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