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Feature | Sept 2014

Bringing diabetes self-care support to Eastern Washington’s Latino communities

Katherine Newton, Nora Coronado, and Ileana Ponce-Gonzalez took a summer road trip around Washington state, but not to the wine country or state parks. They visited leaders of community health organizations in Yakima, Othello, and Spokane to learn how to help them guide people with diabetes in healthy everyday decisions. »

Members of the Eastern Washington Community Advisory Board

Members of the Eastern Washington Community Advisory Board for GHRI’s project to build primary care support for diabetes self-management recently met at Washington State University offices in Spokane.

David Arterburn, MD, MPHSpreading the news

What good does bariatric surgery do?

Dr. David Arterburn weighs the evidence in JAMA and The BMJ. And Drs. Richardson, Ludman, Lindenbaum, and Katon report on collaborative care for teen depression at Group Health. »

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Highlights from Group Health science

Does your grandpa hit the gym?

Group Health seniors who use Silver Sneakers and EnhanceFitness tend to be younger, healthier women, according to Drs. Rosenberg, Arterburn. »

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