These feature stories have appeared in our monthly Group Health Research News, recent annual reports, and other media.

SIMBA Advistory Group
‘Glad you’re listening’: SIMBA study brings patients’ voices to the fore
For women who’ve had breast cancer, which is the better choice for ongoing cancer screening: mammography, or mammography plus magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)? The SIMBA study works with breast cancer survivors and national data systems to seek answers.
April 2014
Local heroes: CCHE helps communities show measurable change
As public health programs go local, demand for services from the Center for Community Health and Evaluation (CCHE) is growing. Last year, the Center gained 13 new clients and diversified its funding with $2.3 million in new contracts.
March 2014
Flu season never ends for Group Health researchers
Predicting the flu is like forecasting football: You need deep knowledge, experience in the field, and up-to-date stats. In the vaccine research program at Group Health Research Institute infectious disease experts, use all three to improve our odds against influenza.
February 2014
Patient check-up
Greatest hits: How Group Health research changed the world in 2013
With a splash or rippling out gradually, our research is improving health outcomes, practice, and policy—at Group Health and beyond.
January 2014
Back pain doctor with patient
Back pain: Research shines light on new approaches
As Group Health publishes new guidelines for back pain care, GHRI will compare different ways to change systems of care.
December 2013
Three decades on: How Group Health’s practical research changed health care
When we say that GHRI does practical research to help people like you and your family stay healthy, what do we mean? The short answer: We study what works—and what doesn't—to achieve the most important outcome for people everywhere: good health.
November 2013
Let's talk vaccines
Put away the fact sheets: Health messages must pop!
From graphic novels to mobile apps, health communication is more creative than ever. GHRI’s Jessica Ridpath shares insights from a top health communication conference—and describes how a Group Health study is getting into the mix.
September 2013
Jessica Chubak, PhD
Pet therapy project serves as crowdfunding guinea pig
Pet love and volunteer work led Jessica Chubak, PhD, into a new research area: animal-assisted activities for kids with cancer. Her first project is also Group Health Research Institute’s first crowdfunding effort.
August 2013
Clarissa Hsu, PhD
New PCORI-funded study welcomes patients to the drawing board
In a new project funded by the Patient Centered outcomes Research Institute, GHRI will partner with ordinary citizens to find better ways for primary care to connect with communities.
July 2013
Evette Ludman, PhD
Dr. Evette Ludman reflects on her career, her diagnosis, and the GHRI endowment
GHRI Research Associate Evette Ludman, PhD, coached nurse navigators to help cancer patients with difficult treatment decisions, she discovered the work’s value in a very personal way. Dr. Ludman recently shared her story with GHRI colleagues in this address.
June 2013
Action to improve imaging safety earns Birnbaum Award
A Group Health radiology team received Group Health Research Institute's 2013 Birnbaum Award for contributions to research aimed at improving patient safety.
May 2013
Greg Simon, MD, MPH
Beyond gun control: practical tools to prevent suicide
Scientists at Group Health Research Institute are finding practical ways to identify and help people who are at risk for suicide.
April 2013
Sean Adelman, MD
Innovation grant leads to improvements for diagnosing shoulder problems
A Partnership for Innovation grant provided a Group Health orthopedist with funds to test a new way to diagnose shoulder problems, improving care while cutting costs.
March 2013
Robert Reid, MD, PhD
A tale of two ACOs: New study compares models
Health systems nationwide are forming accountable care organizations (ACOs). Research teams at Group Health and Scott & White are studying their coalitions’ approaches.
February 2013
Top ten
Top-ten Group Health research stories of 2012
From studies of shared decision making to cancer screening, GHRI's work often captures health news headlines. The reason? We do practical research to help people like you and your family stay healthy. Read about the top-ten Group Health research studies for 2012. January 2013
Seven questions
Seven questions to test your Group Health research IQ
Here's your chance to flaunt your knowledge of Group Health Research Institute—why it exists, the role Group Health members play, which studies are now recruiting participants, and more. December 2012
Jennifer Nelson, PhD
Group Health researchers help the FDA get proactive
In the the FDA’s Mini-Sentinel Initiative, GHRI is helping develop a framework, policies, procedures, data resources, and analytic methods for the routine surveillance of medical products. November 2012
Michael Parchman, MD, MPH
At age 20, MacColl Center helps the nation scale up for health reform
Group Health’s inventors of the Chronic Care Model take on complex, outpatient health care systems to improve quality, cost, access, and patient experience October 2012
David Arterburn, MD, MPH
Helping patients focus on their wants and needs
Group Health has distributed more aids for “shared decision making” than any other single health care organization in the world. Find out why. September 2012
Paula Lozano, MD, MPH
Obesity research: Creating healthier families and neighborhoods
Our surroundings can promote better diet and more daily activity, say GHRI investigators Paula Lozano, MD, MPH and Dori Rosenberg, PhD, MPH. They are studying how social and physical environments contribute to lifelong habits. August 2012
Leo Morales, MD, PhD, MPH
With universal access coming, Dr. Morales sheds light on member diversity at Group Health
What does it takes to care for an increasingly diverse patient population? GHRI Investigator Leo Morales, MD, PhD, seeks answers. July 2012
Dan Cherkin, PhD
How should placebos be used in research and care?
It’s part of every patient’s response to any treatment, including surgery. Some people question its legitimacy, while others see it as a valuable clinical benefit worthy of study in its own right. June 2012
Michael Von Korff, ScD
Opioid-prescribing safety: Finding real-world solutions for a nationwide epidemic
After publishing groundbreaking research on opioid safety, Dr. Von Korff helped Group Health take innovative steps to improve care for chronic pain. May 2012
Diana Miglioretti, PhD
Breast cancer screening: A trio of innovators shines light on the evidence women need
With data from the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium, Dr. Miglioretti and colleagues answered important questions about screening outcomes. May 2012
Ed Wagner, MD, MPH
MacColl Center’s LEAP study scans the nation to solve workforce crisis
GHRI leads effort to help the U.S. primary-care workforce adapt to a provider shortage, an aging patient population, and an influx of previously uninsured Americans. May 2012
Donald Berwick, MD, MPP
GHRI hosts HMO Research Network’s 2012 conference
Whether or not the Affordable Care Act is upheld, the United States must figure out how to get more bang for the health care buck. To the rescue: the HMO Research Network (HMORN). April 2012
Katharine Bradley, MD, MPH
Can collaborative care help patients with alcohol use disorders?
Funded by a $3.2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health, GHRI’s CHOICE study explores ways to reduce unhealthy drinking. March 2012
Diana Miglioretti, PhD
Teamwork brings $20 million for breast cancer screening research
GHRI scientists lead National Cancer Institute program to improve and individualize screening. February 2012
Top ten
Studies of pain management and cancer screening led GHRI news in 2011
Most of Group Health’s 2011 media coverage came from the more than 1,700 news stories mentioning our research. Check out our top news of the year. January 2012
James Ralston, MD, MPH
GHRI leads initial evaluation of Mobile MyGroupHealth
Group Health recently launched its Mobile MyGroupHealth app for the iPhone and the Android to great fanfare. But is it meeting patients’ needs? GHRI’s Dr. James Ralston and colleagues are working with the MyGroupHealth team to find out. December 2011
Jessica Ridpath and Sarah Greene, MPH
Group Health leads in plain language initiatives
Clear communication isn't just good practice, it's now a mandate. Meet GHRI’s accomplished plain language experts. October 2011
David Grossman, MD, MPH
Helping doctors talk about childhood vaccines
Some parents don’t get solid information on kids’ vaccines. Dr. Grossman’s team tests ways to improve patient/doctor communication on the topic. September 2011
Claire Trescott, MD
Mobilizing to improve opioid prescribing
Group Health’s new opioid initiative produced stunning results in just nine months. Dr. Claire Trescott leads this innovative patient-safety effort. August 2011
Karen Sherman, PhD, MPH, and Dan Cherkin, PhD
Alternative therapies can guide patient-centered care
Drs. Cherkin and Sherman made headlines with their latest research on massage for back pain. Here they reflect on future research. July 2011
Allen Cheadle, PhD
A focus on improving rather than proving
GHRI’s Center for Community Health and Evaluation welcomes its new director, Dr. Allen Cheadle. June 2011
David Grossman, MD, MPH, and Cindy Johnson
GHRI evaluates Total Health innovative goals
Total Health, Group Health’s “value-based” medical plan, aims to help purchasers by finding cost savings while maintaining health and quality of care. June 2011
James Ralston, MD, MPH
Patient-centered health IT helps advance quality care
Dr. James Ralston, who studies patients’ experiences with online services, sees health IT as a way to improve care across diverse patient populations. June 2011
Sarah Paige, PhD, MPH
CCHE gauges Seattle/King County public health program
GHRI’s evaluation center helps determine if a $25.5 million investment in obesity and tobacco prevention can result in sustainable positive outcomes. June 2011
Rob Reid, MD, PhD
Reinvigorating primary care—for providers and patients
Curbing costs while meeting patient needs is one ideal driving Group Health’s expansion of the patient-centered medical home. June 2011
Ed Wagner, MD, MPH
Dr. Ed Wagner: Realizing a mission for system change
GHRI’s MacColl Institute Director Ed Wagner, MD, MPH, answers questions about his most recognized work: the Chronic Care Model. May 2011
Rob Reid, MD, PhD
Dr. Rob Reid: Bridging research and operations
Dr. Reid discusses his role, which spans research and operations, to help build Group Health’s “learning health care system.” April 2011
David Carrell, PhD
‘Teaching’ computers to read doctors’ notes
“Natural language processing” (NLP) can supplement skilled chart abstraction and may provide faster access to larger, richer bodies of data. March 2011
Making medicine better
Making medicine better
At Group Health Research Institute, studies are yielding answers to improve health and health care. Summer 2010
Shared decision making
Surgery’s pros and cons: Helping patients with options
Shedding more light on the risks and benefits of certain surgeries could boost patients’ satisfaction and might change how often those procedures are done. July 2010
Gary Riggins
Is combined treatment for chronic illnesses key?
Research shows the TEAMcare model could cost-effectively improve help for patients with multiple conditions. July 2010