Working with Group Health Research Institute

Group Health Research Institute (GHRI) oversees all research conducted at Group Health, including reviewing, approving, and monitoring research by outside scientists. 

If you’re interested in conducting research at Group Health, we recommend collaborating with a GHRI faculty member. This helps ensure that proposed projects are consistent with Group Health policies and that potential stumbling blocks, such as effects on the delivery system, are addressed. Projects require funding if any Group Health programming or staff time is needed.

You may contact our faculty members directly to establish a partnership based on common areas of interest.  If you can’t find a GHRI faculty member to partner with, you may ask the GHRI Feasibility Review Committee to evaluate your proposal. The Committee helps GHRI leadership determine if an external project is a good fit for Group Health and will also try to help you find a GHRI faculty collaborator. Most projects initiated by non-Group Health scientists require the involvement of a GHRI faculty member. 

Proposing research at Group Health in collaboration with an identified GHRI faculty member:

Proposing research at Group Health without a GHRI faculty member who has agreed to collaborate: