August 2016

supremes-stop-in-the-name-of-love-1col.jpgStop! In the name of health—lessening low-value care

MacColl engages teams to ‘de-implement’ needless tests and treatments, doing less overused low-value care that might harm patients.


Bev Green-1col.jpgHow a physician-scientist studying blood pressure became a patient too

Dr. Beverly Green, PCORI-funded BP-CHECK leader, reflects on her professional interest in hypertension getting up close and personal.

muhammad-ali-newspaper-1col.jpgTBI linked to Parkinson’s and Parkinson-related brain defects

Dr. Eric B. Larson relates research to Muhammad Ali—and how we can prevent late-life injuries and falls for our families and ourselves.

Cara-Lewis-Indiana-U-1col.jpgCara Lewis brings mental health implementation expertise to GHRI

Dr. Lewis joins the MacColl Center to work on making community mental health care more effective, efficient, and accessible.


Diabetic-Retinopathy-1col.jpgBariatric surgery may have ‘legacy effect’ on diabetes complications

Dr. David Arterburn linked even short-term diabetes remission to less risk for microvascular kidney, eye, and limb diseases.

Eric-Larson-1209_-1col.jpgGun violence is a public health crisis: How should we respond?

Reflecting on the Florida mass shooting, Dr. Eric B. Larson asks if we’re ready to make changes around guns and gun-related research.

samantha-brandzel-1col.JPGHigh-quality care: The importance of being human

Susan Brandzel reflects on what patients really need from providers. Clinical competence is essential, but so is being engaging, compassionate and real.

senior-couple-doctor-serious-1col.jpgContinuous medical care is crucial for people with dementia

Dr. Eric B. Larson discusses how continuity of care for dementia patients may lower costs, emergency visits, and hospital stays.





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