August 2015

Sascha_Dublin_in_Cinic_1_1col.jpgHow can we ensure safe medications for mothers-to-be?

In this Q and A, Dr. Sascha Dublin describes how research using real-world data can ease suffering and prevent harm during pregnancy.


When patients become researchers

Two Group Health members talk about what it was like to be co-investigators on a study funded by the national Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute.

syringe-glove-1col.jpgNews release: Immune response to bird flu vaccine increased by adjuvants

Vaccine Treatment and Evaluation Unit tests real-world use to prepare for H7N9.


woman-neck-massage-1col.jpgA ‘booster dose’ of more massage helps reduce neck pain

Group Health and University of Vermont researchers find a longer treatment period is better for reducing dysfunction.

white-chairs-table-window_1col.jpgTime sitting affects both health and health costs

Research from Dr. Dori Rosenberg and colleagues extends findings about the effects of sitting to veterans and older people.

lacroix-mom-1col.jpgThe aging population: Are we ready for 2050?

Dr. Andrea LaCroix writes that in 35 years, the American population aged 65+ will double. What can we do now for their health and independence?

senior-couple-trail-waterfall-1col.jpgThe aging population: Is the world ready for 2050?

Dr. Eric B. Larson adds the global angle to Dr. Andrea's LaCroix's post about the importance of maximizing functionality and activity in older people.

Birnbaum_Lecture_2015._1col.jpg6 great ideas from Dr. Mike Evans’ Birnbaum lecture

How we’re using email, smartphones, YouTube, and other digital media to inspire healthier ways.





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