April 2016

mosquito-1col.jpgWhat’s the most common mosquito-borne threat to kids? (It’s not Zika.) 

GHRI’s Dr. Lisa Jackson is developing clinical trials for two malaria vaccines. She says Zika awareness may help prevent this far more prevalent killer.  


Mindfulness meditation eases chronic low back pain

JAMA publishes Group Health research comparing mindfulness to cognitive behavioral therapy and usual care for back pain. 

business-woman-back-pain-1col.jpgA call for a more patient-centered approach to treating back pain 

Dr. Dan Cherkin reflects on three decades of research on relieving back pain, concluding a supportive, healing context is key.

Birnbaum-2016-savethedate-1col.jpgDr. Leana Wen to deliver 2016 Birnbaum Lecture

From gun violence to chronic illness, Dr. Wen—health commissioner for the city of Baltimore—believes many health problems can be solved by addressing their social causes.


Integrating behavioral health into primary care: The time has come

Dr. Ed Wagner offers guidance for care teams as they begin to treat mental health, substance abuse, and behavioral disorders.


Patients and providers talk about lung cancer screening, GHRI listens 

Susan Brandzel, GHRI project manager, tells about two studies that are exploring personal experiences with a new cancer screening program.

Virginia-Immanual-bookreview_1col.jpgThe fallout from selling doubt about science 

Virginia Immanuel, GHRI director of information technology, reviews a book (now a movie) about misrepresenting scientific evidence. Bad idea, she writes.