October 2016

US-drug-overdose-deaths-2010-1col.jpgLong-term opioid risks are the focus of $10 million GHRI study

Dr. Denise Boudreau launches a collaborative project with Kaiser and other health systems on the safety of long-term prescription opioids.

TassoStudyCrew1-1col.jpgBiomed company and GHRI test new device for collecting blood

The GHRI-industry collaboration will study blood sample collection for lab tests, writes Clinical Research Director Tricia Buscio.


Team care for teen depression is found cost-effective

Dr. Evette Ludman describes how collaborative care pays off for adolescents who have depression.

joseph-glass-snow-1col.jpgJoe Glass, addictions and health disparities researcher, joins GHRI

Dr. Joe Glass adds a social worker’s perspective to the GHRI team working on innovative ways to approach drug and alcohol disorders.

Eric-Larson-1209_-1col.jpgWhat do precision medicine and public health have in common?

Dr. Eric B. Larson draws ideas from The Lancet, JAMA, and Science to explain why population-based medicine is personalized medicine.

HEAT SDOH panel_1col.jpgHEAT panel explores social determinants of health

Ian Maki reflects on well-attended event sponsored by Group Health’s Health Equity and Access Team.


tuzzio-leah-1col.jpgHelping primary care practices decide whether to adopt proven programs

To be, or not to be, put into practice? Leah Tuzzio describes a decision-to-implement worksheet for evidence-based interventions.

Eric-Larson-bicycle-iceland-1col.JPGWhat makes GHRI a great workplace? Altruism

Dr. Eric B. Larson sees parallels between a David Brooks New York Times commentary and the Group Health mission and work culture.





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