November 2015

Flu_study_op1_2015 _1col.jpgPrepping to fight the next flu pandemic

A GHRI pilot study shows that a self-swab test may help individual patients and whole populations.



Screening for breast cancer? Menopausal status, not just age, may matter 

Dr. Diana Buist explains the new Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium study in JAMA Oncology, which she co-wrote. 

ITHS-bg-overhead-clinic-staff_1col.jpgFrom research to reality: Spreading innovation in primary care 

Dr. Michael Parchman asks: Can tapping into digital communications help us engage busy primary care practices in research that improves health?

3-mature-women-1col.jpgMsFLASH to continue helping women manage menopause 

The MsFLASH research network gets renewed funding to study healthy ways to reduce menopause symptoms. Dr. Katherine Newton tells what we've learned so far.

larson-close-head-shot-1col.jpgReaping the REWARDS of practical research 

Dr. Eric B. Larson, Group Health vice president for research, comments on what GHRI can do in The Lancet campaign to reduce research waste. 

thinking-cherub-statue-1col.jpgHow we think can affect how we feel

Cognitive behavioral therapy and a study on women's perceptions about fractures shows the importance of how we think.


Med X_Susan-1col.jpgA GHRI staffer’s dispatch from the 2015 Stanford Medicine X Conference 

At a recent Silicon Valley meeting, Susan Brandzel fulfilled a high school prophecy. And she learned and shared about how patients are transforming care.