April 2015

TAbbot_RReid_1col_2.jpgSpecialty referral: A doctors’ duet

In the first Healthy Findings post from a Group Health physician, Dr. Travis Abbott tells how a project to improve referral is changing his practice.

photo-album-hands-coffee_1col.jpgHealthy aging: Never too early—or too late

What you should do to stay healthy changes as you age.  Read our handy series of health tips based on your current decade of life.


doctor-senior-man-results-office_1col.jpgImplementing decision aids affects care choices for prostate conditions

Men with common prostate problems chose fewer invasive treatments after Group Health distributed videos and booklets to aid decision making.

nora-pete_1col.jpgWill Julie get Parkinson's?

Pete Beidler asked his daughter, GHRI Research Associate Nora Henrikson, how to discuss his motor speech disorder. Here’s her answer.


brandzel-pronto-station-1col.jpgGetting around Seattle Pronto-style

March was #WomenWhoBike month. GHRI's Susan Brandzel reviewed Seattle’s new bike-sharing program: Is it really just hop on and go?

burgess-australia-1col.jpgThe U.S. health system: A model for other countries?

Dr. Paul Burgess, a public health physician from Australia and a research fellow at GHRI, finds innovations to admire.


Dr-Mike-Evans_TEDTalk_1col.jpgHilde and Bill Birnbaum Endowed Lecture 2015

Health media expert Dr. Mike Evans will address patient engagement in the digital age.





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