May 2016

mother-daughter-therapist-1col.jpgFinding  safer ways to treat behavioral disorders in kids and teens

With $10 million from NIMH, GHRI is leading a multi-site study to ensure safe prescribing of antipsychotic drugs for youth with behavioral disorders.

prince-newspaper-covers-1col.jpgPrince’s apparent opioid-linked death shows need for new plan for pain 

For over a decade, Dr. Michael Von Korff and others have been working on a strategy to stop the opioid epidemic. Here’s an outline. 


Watch our new video, ‘Group Health research made real’

Three (amazing) Group Health patients tell the stories of participating in our research, and we show what fun it is to work here.


scale-1col.jpgWeight controlled better with bupropion than with other antidepressants 

Dr. David Arterburn describes his research on Group Health patients’ weight after 2 years on various antidepressants.

Penfold-bike-SanFrancisco-1col.jpgSaddle up and join me for Bike Everywhere month 

Group Health supports Bike Everywhere in May. Draft off Rob Penfold as he offers tips, ride suggestions, and encouragement.


crowd-digits-1col.jpgIt’s your digital information—shouldn’t you decide who uses it and how? 

In our daily lives, we generate a trail of personal data. Dr. Andrea Hartzler is making sure we have a say in how our data are used. 

Eric-Larson-1209_-1col.jpgWhat research matters for the 21st century? 

Group Health leaders and national public health experts weighed in on GHRI’s future role in health care. Dr. Eric B. Larson tells what we learned.

wine-glasses-1col.jpgIs hospital readmission linked to alcohol use and social factors?

Drs. Katharine Bradley and Gwen Lapham studied drinking habits and hospital readmission, noting that underlying social determinants might be the connection.

trail-hikers-mountain-1col.jpgGastric bypass surgery beats lifestyle, medical treatment for diabetes 

Dr. David Arterburn reflects on CROSSROADS randomized controlled trial of Group Health patients with obesity and type 2 diabetes.





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