September 2015

Dogearteam_1col.jpg7 ways to protect your brain—and your thinking power

NFL players aren’t the only ones trying to avoid head injuries and other causes of dementia. Here’s what you can do.



News release: PCORI approves Group Health for $4.5 million obesity study 

Study leader Dr. David Arterburn will use PCORnet, a new national clinical research network, to speed results.

dr-patient-visit-1col.jpgIs cholesterol screening being done as recommended?

Study identifies substantial over- and underuse of lipid testing.  


Evette_Ludman_Lamont140909010353_1col.jpgChronically depressed people find hope with self-management support 

Dr. Evette Ludman reflects on the Stride trial that she led with Group Health and Swedish Medical Center patients with chronic depression. 

Larson@IOM2014._1col.jpgHealth execs identify barriers and benefits to research that matters 

Drs. Eric B. Larson and Karin Johnson asked delivery system leaders about the challenges and rewards of research. Read their findings in Modern Healthcare

reagan-bush-official_1col.jpgHealth records can reveal early signals of slow changes like Alzheimer’s 

The words we use and our doctors’ notes hold hints about our health. Data Scientist David Carrell, PhD, tells how we’re learning to catch those clues.

young-woman-water-bottle-1col.jpgDo Coke-funded obesity messages leave a bad taste? 

Group Health Physician and GHRI Associate Investigator Dr. Beverly Green weighs in on obesity advice from a group sponsored by Coca-Cola. 

carrots-handbag-1col.jpgWhen it comes to motivating employees to stop smoking, money talks

How can businesses get the best return on investment from quit-smoking rewards? Dr. David Grossman reports on a New England Journal of Medicine study.





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