May 2015

DianaBuist_DrMattHandley_1col.jpgHow Americans can get a better deal on health care

We’re smart shoppers—except when it comes to health care. Here are some ways to upgrade our care quality without paying more.

doctor-male-woman-asian_1col.jpgAre we creating strong, long-term primary-care relationships?

Canada’s experience may hold valuable lessons for U.S. health systems and patients. And it may save money.

Gerald_Alexander_study_participant_ver2_1col.jpgStanding up for my health

What it was like for a Group Health patient to participate in a study that coached him to sit less.



doctor-nurse-male-patient-back-pain_1col.jpgIt’s time to pay attention to chronic pain

So says a new national pain strategy from the Department of Health and Human Services. You can influence the strategy with your comments.

smokestacks_1col.jpgIs your child a vaper? Should you care?

A new report shows e-cigarette use rising among teens. With vaping on the rise, should parents be concerned?


hispanic-family_1col.jpgDiabetes workshops in underserved communities set to launch this year 

Dr. Katherine Newton reports that three Washington community health organizations will offer peer-led, diabetes self-management workshops.

En Español.     

sad-woman-face-bw_1col.jpgTreating the body and the mind after cancer diagnosis

Mental health care, especially for depression, could dramatically improve the lives of cancer patients and survivors.


farmers-market-woman_1col.jpgIs obesity an environmental issue?

Ecology, as well as politics, economics, and culture contribute to obesity, according to this review of Julie Guthman's book Weighing In.





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