October 2015

young-old-hands-1col.jpgDelicate but crucial: Advance care plans for people with early dementia

Medicare will soon pay for advance care planning discussions. A GHRI study is finding ways to ease the conversation for people with early Alzheimer’s.


For mammography, radiologists do better without computer help 

Based on a new BCSC study, Dr. Diana Buist tells of technology that adds cost to breast cancer screening—without improving outcomes. Dr. Marc Mora comments. 

CLuce_Daughter_1col.jpgSometimes ‘less care’ feels like ‘better care’ 

Mother and Group Health Research Institute project manager Casey Luce sees first-hand how research improved her daughter’s treatment.   


KP-CHI_Kids&carrots_300x175.jpgAdvancing community health improvement with ‘population dose’ 

Dr. Allen Cheadle describes how CCHE’s new Healthy Dose Toolkit makes it easier to design and evaluate community health initiatives. 

emerge-map-1col.jpgNews release: Study to explore combining DNA information and e-health records 

Dr. Larson will lead NIH-funded grant to better understand genomic basis of disease and give patients tailored care. 

Lozano_Paula_headshot-1col.jpgHealth officials expect better protection from this year’s flu vaccine

With fall comes flu season. Dr. Paula Lozano urges people to get their flu shot now. See her comments on KIROTV.

blood-pressure-cuff-check-1col.jpgA new lowdown on high blood pressure? 

Recent results seem to support dramatically reducing blood pressure, says Dr. Bev Green, and might finally unify hypertension guidelines.

vital-signs-monitor-1col.jpgMeasuring what matters: U.S. health care's vital signs 

Blood pressure, pulse, and temperature measure a body's functions. Dr. Eric Larson writes about how to measure the functions of the U.S. health care system..





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