July 2015

girl-teen-windowsill-1col.jpgGrowing up is hard to do—especially when you have a chronic illness

Dr. Paula Lozano’s research aims to ensure chronically ill kids make a safer and easier transition to adulthood.


Group Health and UW get $13 million to study aging and the brain

National Institute on Aging renews funding for long-running 'living laboratory,' co-led by Dr. Eric B. Larson.

Rene-Hawkes-ROAR-Pratt_1col.jpgTeam ROAR: Research On Animal-Human Relationships has legs

A study to help kids with cancer get time with pets begins fieldwork, with encouragement from a GHRI interest group.

senior-woman-prescription-1col.jpgWhat to do if you’re taking an anticholinergic medication?

Study coauthors Drs. Sascha Dublin, Shelly Gray, and Eric B. Larson explore how to balance the risks and benefits of these common medications.

windshield-broken-1col.jpgWarning: Sleeping pills may double your risk of car crash

A UW-Group Health study linked sleeping pills to nearly twice as many car crashes in Group Health patients. Clinicians should take precautions or try nondrug approaches to insomnia.

scale_1col.jpgSurgery for obesity: Costs and benefits

Dr. David Arterburn has new studies on the costs, care variation, and effect on life expectancy of bariatric surgery. The results could guide obesity care.

scales-justice_1col.jpgHow the Supreme Court's health care decision affects us all

The King v. Burwell case—whether health insurance subsidies are for everyone or only people in certain states—has implications for all Americans, writes Dr. Eric Larson.

laurie-becklund-weinstein_1col.jpgApplying computer power to cancer research

Before journalist Laurie Becklund died, she called for Big Data research on cancer. That’s exactly what the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium does. 





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