Jessica Chubak, PhD

“My research focuses on improving cancer control by finding effective ways to get screened for cancer and to navigate treatment and survivorship.”

Jessica Chubak, PhD

Group Health Research Institute Associate Investigator


Jessica Chubak joined Group Health Research Institute (GHRI) in 2007 with a passion for epidemiology and improving health care. With expertise in epidemiologic methods, pharmaco-epidemiology, and cancer, she is working to explore new inquiries in cancer screening and survivorship.

Dr. Chubak serves as the GHRI site principal investigator for the HMO Cancer Research Network. She also participates in several projects on cancer screening and on medication use and cancer prognosis. She is especially interested in evaluating programs and translating research into practices that improve health and health care.

Awarded a Fulbright graduate student grant, Dr. Chubak pursued her master's degree in bioethics and health law in New Zealand. This unique background has helped shape her commitment to moving research innovations into daily practice, especially for cancer survivors. She is building a research program in cancer screening and survivorship focused on preventing cancer death, recurrence, and late and long-term adverse effects of cancer treatment. She aims to develop epidemiologic methods for large-scale research on cancer screening and care management for cancer survivors. She also has an interest in animal-assisted interactions and is studying these activities in pediatric oncology settings.

Dr. Chubak is an affiliate associate professor in the Department of Epidemiology at the University of Washington School of Public Health. A member of the American Society of Preventive Oncology and the Society for Epidemiologic Research, she also serves as a peer reviewer for a dozen journals, including Medical Care, the Journal of Oncology Practice, and the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology.

Research interests and experience

  • Cancer

    Epidemiology; breast cancer; colorectal cancer; medication use; survivorship; secondary prevention; quality of life; automated data collection; screening

  • Health Services & Economics

    Chronic illness management; translation of preventive care research into clinical practice

  • Medication Use & Patient Safety

    Pharmaceutical outcomes research; validation of pharmacy data resources


Recent publications

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